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Overwatch Golden Weapon

It requires 3000 Competitive Points to purchase Golden weapon. In this season, players will now receive 10 points for winning each game.

The cost of Golden Weapons will also be multiplied by 10, meaning that golden weapons will now cost 3,000 Competitive Points instead of 300.

This increase allows bilzard to reward players for participating in Competitive Play when the match ends in a draw. Also, bilzard is adding a soft cap to the number of Competitive Points that players can accrue..

Once a player has collected 6,000 points, they will no longer accumulate points by winning games. They will, however, be granted the end-of-season rewards.

Our team would farm points as your need and get you cool golden weapon for you in time.

Competitive Points
Amount: × 1 cp
Price: $ 0.2 / 1 cp
10 cp
$ 2
100 cp
$ 20
3000 cp
$ 600
Gold Weapons
img Title Price Buy now
Genji Golden Weapons $ 600
Mccree Golden Weapons $ 600
Soldider:76 Golden Weapons $ 600
Reaper Golden Weapons $ 600

Boosting Procedure and Agreement

Boosting Agreement

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Boosting Procedure

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