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Overwatch Placement Matches

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Placement Matches to Master $ 149
Placement Matches to Diamond $ 99
Placement Matches to Platinum $ 59
Placement Matches to Gold $ 39
Placement Matches to Silver(Free) $ 0.1

Overwatch players of quick play lvl 25 can do Competitive Mode, Competitive Mode is your gateway to a new world of Overwatch esports competition. Before you get started competitive mode, you need do placement matches(10 wins) which is measuring player skill ratings. Throughout the match, the game keeps track of how much time each team has left on the clock. When a competitive match is tied after both teams have played one round on offense and one on defense,

a new attack/defend rotation will be played using the time bank system. The amount of time that each team will have for the second round depends on how much time was left on the clock at the end of their previous round. it would affect your skill ratings if your teammate using bots or doing nothing. Hereby we offer services to boost for you. our team is professional to get you as high rating as possible.

Boosting Procedure and Agreement

Boosting Agreement

1、Your Battle.net account may show a different IP location while we are boosting your Overwatch account.

2、Please contact our customer service chat beforehand if you want to login to your account or change the password.

3、Don't Worry! Our boosters will not contact your friends list while we are working for you.

4、We will take a screenshot/picture at the start of the boosting and once again at the end. We will get your confirmation before we consider the order complete.

5、Safety Tip: Be sure to change your password after your order is complete!

Boosting Procedure

How to place a boosting order:

1、Contact our customer service online chat in the bottom right corner (open 24/7)

2、Place the order through our website. (Any specific orders please let our customer service representative know!)

3、Enter your payment information and we will ask for your account details as well.

4、Depending on the security of your account, we may need to contact you for a security/verification code through your email or your phone

5、If you have any questions, or want to know the boosting details, please let us know through our live chat support!

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